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“India to Indiana”

India born, Indiana native Gastroenterologist and clean eating fanatic Dr. Rajiv Sharma, with his Gut Happiness mission, wants to shimmer the splendidness of Indiana around the world by promoting healthy eat habits & lifestyle changes. In the MidWest we love our meat and potatoes. Lack of adequate exercise and selective eating habits has caused Indiana to become No. 10 in terms of obesity with 32.6% of adults now classed as obese. Obesity is the major reason for a lot of chronic illnesses such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Stroke, Cancer and Arthritis. Childhood obesity is on the rise and this will put a major strain on our healthcare system in future.

If we are not healthy we will not be able to stay in the fast lane for too long.

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From The Founder Of

Who’s there in the fast lane…hoosiers?

Indiana is appropriately referred to as crossroads of America. Hoosiers have strong family values and take pride in their culture and traditions. Indiana is an amalgam between tradition and modernity. Indianapolis – Fort Wayne – Evansville represent the sophistication and progressiveness at par with any major metropolitan in the country. There are numerous small towns reminiscent of the glorious past of Indiana and are humbling time capsules of nostalgia. In sports we take credit for Larry Bird Hall of Famer Anthony Q. Thompson. In the field of media we have given the world David Letterman (Late night show).

International brands like Alcoa, Toyota, SABEC, Elli Lilly, Sony, GE have their roots in Indiana as well. Indianapolis 500 speedway has shown the world that Hoosiers love to live in the fast lane. City of French Lick has resorts, architecture and topography that challenges The Adirondacks with beautiful scenic lakes & fall foliage. The German town of Jasper shows the world that Indiana can build world class products with Kimball Electronics & Jasper Engines. The historic city of Vincennes is Indiana’s First City, established in 1732. Terre Haute claims fame for designing the Coca Cola glass bottle (Root company), Clabber Girl and Rose Hulman Institute of Technology.

Indiana has a very strong business ecosystem and encourages Entrepreneurship in
every form.Businesses like Angie’s List and Tsamma juice show the world that Indiana has world class Women Entrepreneurs. Purdue University pioneers in Agricultural innovations. Indiana commands 19-million acres of farms, forestry and woodlands, Indiana’s 57,500 farms grow, produce and process some of the finest-quality products around the world such as corn, soybeans, wheat, tomatoes, watermelons and more. Indiana has abundance of healthy food items to promote a farm to plate lifestyle. My goal is help Hoosiers realize that they have abundance of healthy eating choices around them. They have to make the conscious effort.

Eat Well Hoosiers AND Live life in the fast line.


Eat Well, Be Healthy & Thrive

– Go Hoosiers!

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